Best Practices Mission comes to Riding Mountain

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada have an innovative tourism professional development program called Best Practices.   “Such missions are designed to expose private sector operators and representatives of sustainable tourism communities to successful tourism operators/entrepreneurs and outstanding products and create an environment of ‘Competitiveness Through Best Practices.’ It is intended that this exposure will stimulate the generation of new product ideas, improved practices in customer service, innovative operational techniques, sound planning models and partnership opportunities for the Atlantic tourism sector.”  

A group of seventeen operators will be coming to Riding Mountain National Park and to Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada to take part in a number of unique tourism experiences.  They want to learn some new things about experiential tourism.  The Manitoba Best Practices week-long Itinerary is rich with learning and unique Manitoba experiences in winter.  Earth Rhythms is partnering with the Elkhorn Resort, the town of Dauphin, Festival du Voyageur, and Tourisme Riel to create and deliver these experiences in February, 2009.  Who said that winter has limited tourism opportunities?  

In today’s rapidly evolving business world, collaboration is key.  A much bigger package of benefits results; work can be achieved efficiently; new markets can be reached; marketing and distribution costs are shared; everyone wins.  The new mantra in tourism destination marketing is “Collaborate to Compete”.