Riding Mountain listens to its stakeholders

Last night, I attended a public communication stakeholder session hosted by Riding Mountain National Park in Erickson, Manitoba.  Their intentions are to start engaging local stakeholders in conversations to help identify priorities to start implementing the park management plan.  Presentations from various park representatives and feedback from participants were informative – about new directions in visitor experiences, snapshot summaries about park science and environmental monitoring, and other topics.  I am glad that they are reaching out.  This marks a new phase for the park – reaching out to listen, to perhaps work collaboratively towards mutual priorities.  Thank you!

Perhaps the single most important thing that I would urge the park to do is to find every possible way to start sharing their priorities, their studies, relevant maps and other resources in electronic form on the web.  Yesterday, the same day that President Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th president, the park also reached out in a move towards transparency with its constituents.   I asked the park staff today in a short note, the following questions.

I thought that I would share the following with you.  The following is what the Obama government turned the key on, at 12:05 PM yesterday immediately after he took office.  It is the official White House website, and if you look at the following links, you will see…
  • Measurable results shared with Americans.
  • Clarity in the work to be done.
  • Simplicity in communication.
  • A partnership with the people.


Some questions for you, as a management team:

  1. What could Riding Mountain National Park share in some kind of similar format (see links below) with its stakeholders as simple goals and results that they would like to achieve?
  2. Can you communicate this to everyone?  Where?  How?  How can you do this in a sustainable manner – that is using the Internet rather than mass mailings and lots of paper?
  3. How can we, as local stakeholders become involved, initiate, or contribute to these goals?

The Links
White House Energy and Environment Agenda

White House Education Agenda

White House Economy Agenda

White House Health Care Agenda


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