Meet Leslie Reid at the Elkhorn Resort


Leslie Reid, Front Desk Manager, Elkhorn Resort and Solstice Spa. Manitoba. Canada

Leslie Reid, Front Desk Manager, Elkhorn Resort and Solstice Spa. Manitoba. Canada


One of our most important tourism business partners here at Riding Mountain National Park is the Elkhorn Resort.   In today’s competitive world of travel and tourism, we are finding that some of the most successful destination operators are the ones that have learned to follow the business maxim…”Do what you do best.  Partner to do the rest.”  The relationship that Earth Rhythms has had with Elkhorn Resort goes back 13 years to 1996.  We feel that it is quite a special relationship. 

Carefully and systematically, we have developed a unique collaboration that allows us to serve corporate clients, leisure travelers, conference groups, time share travelers, and specialty groups with customized experiences and adventures, as value-added components to the many other services that makes the Elkhorn Resort & Solstice Spa experience a stand-out resort offering in Manitoba today.  

What makes this special is that Earth Rhythms is able to work seamlessly back and forth with all members of the Elkhorn team (front desk, house-keeping and guest services, food and beverage, sales and marketing, and the GM).  One of these people is Leslie Reid, who has recently assumed responsibilities and leadership of the front-desk team at the Elkhorn.  Leslie is originally from Minnedosa, is very service-oriented, and has a great perspective on the importance of collaboration within a rural business context.

Earth Rhythms and Elkhorn Resort have developed an award-winning style in offering learning adventures, corporate retreats, conference programs, team-building initiatives, and customized itineraries for guests.  It is, in large part, due to the great team at the Elkhorn Resort.  Say hello to Leslie when you next check-in to the Elkhorn Resort.


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