Riding Mountain Infusions and hoarfrost

Jenn and her partner Joel were given a wonderful Christmas gift in December, 2008.  A getaway to the Elkhorn Resort for a weekend and experience an Earth Rhythms Riding Mountain Infusions winter escape.  This two night getaway package provides travelers with the opportunity to stay at the 4-star Elkhorn Resort, soaks in the mineral pools, and an outdoor snowshoe experience into Riding Mountain National Park with Earth Rhythms’ adventure guides.  

Riding Mountain Infusions winter couples getaway  - discovering ice & snow stories in the park

Riding Mountain Infusions couples getaway - ice & snow stories in the park

When we headed out this morning to go snowshoeing on our “Ice Escapades in the Weeping Forest”, the boreal forests were a-glitter with fresh morning hoarfrost, mammal tracks and the quiet and slightly muffled sounds of raven wings overhead.  What we discovered was the beautiful textures of fresh ice from a creek that was flowing into the lake.  

Riding Mountain National Park is an oasis of wildlife.  The stories etched in snow and ice offer intrigue and a world of discovery for anyone wanting to re-connect to each other and to nature.  And, winter is a perfect time to do that…when the people pressures are less, and you are more likely to discover wildlife moving around.

Are you looking for a unique gift for someone special?  Earth Rhythms provides customized gift certificates for personalized guided experiences for individuals and couples.  These include very unique opportunities to meet craftspeople, artists, musicians, guides, naturalists, and many others “behind the scenes” and do things with them that the ordinary traveler would not have access to.


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