Jenn Cassin and partner Joel sparkle about snowshoe experience

Now, here’s a testimonial we received today that we just had to share with you.  Jenn and Joel had escaped from Winnipeg for the weekend, to enjoy an Earth Rhythms’ Riding Mountain Infusions package offered through their partner Elkhorn Resort & Solstice Spa.  I asked Jenn if she would mind sharing her thoughts about the morning experience.  There is nothing more authentic than the words and emotions offered by those who have personally found delight in an experience that matches their interests and needs….

“Starting off on a beautifully still and frosty morning, with an enthusiastic, welcoming, and very informative guide, we made our way across the crunchy snow of a lake in Riding Mountain National Park.  The hoarfrost lay on the pines and tamaracks like fine lace, creating a beautiful monochromatic landscape.  The stillness belied the obvious presence of coyotes, wolves, and elk, and we didn’t have to search for long to find evidence of their activity.  

Wandering up a small ravine revealed the winter beauty of the Weeping Forest – the layers of ice created by the water seeping out of the hillside lay like multicoloured puddles of wax, building up atop one another and freezing in amazing shapes and tones.  It was a fantastic experience – connecting with Manitoba’s natural wonders with a small group allowed great conversation, a relaxed atmosphere, and the ability to enjoy the outdoors on a very personal basis.  

The pictures taken could only capture a single frame of the gorgeous panorama, but they’ll always lead to stories and memories. The wonderful homemade muffins and herbal tea only added to the personalized and welcoming outing!

How fortunate we are to be able to have the beauty of Riding Mountain National Park revealed to us by such a personable, intelligent, and ecologically-conscious entrepreneur!  And no matter how much you think you know about the outdoors, Riding Mountain always has something new to show you – don’t miss it!”
Cheers, and all the best!!
Jenn Cassin and Joel

Morning light on layers of ice in Riding Mountain National Park

Morning light on layers of ice in Riding Mountain National Park


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