Prairie Innovation Forum – March 18/19. Brandon, Manitoba

Taking place in Brandon, Wednesday, March 18 and 19 at the CanadInns on 18th Street.  Highly recommended.  The case for climate change and the need for us to respond continues to grow stronger and to become more urgent.

What do we do now? What does this mean for our farms and businesses now? What can industry and communities and individuals do to reduce their carbon footprint?

The 2009 Prairie Innovation Forum will focus on the practical implications and innovations that will affect us all and help us, our communities, and our businesses reduce our footprint and respond to climate change.

Attend informative sessions on:


  • Identifying and Calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions on the Farm 
  • Community-Based Energy Innovation (Dan Mazier & Laurence Lafond)
  • First Nations responding to climate change (Assembly of MB Chiefs, Climate Change Task Force)
  • Innovative products for home and business (Evolve Green)
  • Reducing foods carbon footprint (Jack Moes, ACC)
  • Dr. David Barber (The Arctic)
  • Wind Energy (Endurance Wind Energy)
  • Innovative Home Owner (Gareth Boys)
  • LEED building design


To attend or register, go to: PRAIRIE INNOVATIONS Schedule & Registration


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