Riding Mountain trails offer great experiences

New bulletin from Cate Watrous, at Riding Mountain National Park….

With nearly 400 km of trails, Riding Mountain National Park (RMNP) strives to be the premier destination of trail users of all persuasions, whether they prefer travel by foot, bike or horse. There is something for every interest and ability from the handicapped accessible boardwalk trail of Ominnik Marsh, to the spectacular experience of a mountain bike descent on the J.E.T. trail along the North Escarpment.


Hiking Gorge Creek Trail - Photo courtesy Riding Mountain National Park

Hiking Gorge Creek Trail - Photo courtesy Riding Mountain National Park


To understand the trail system in RMNP, it helps to understand the history of the park. In the early days, logging was permitted and even encouraged for relief workers during the Great Depression. This led to a series of roads being built to provide access to stands of timber. When logging was discontinued in the park, these wide level tracks were converted into what still makes up the backbone of the trail system today.

Read more about the trail system, what’s new and comments from various park staff about hiking in Riding Mountain


When you plan your Earth Rhythms customized guided outing (Call us at 1.204.848.4680 to help plan a special family or small group experience), we can make additional recommendations for you for self-guided, unique Riding Mountain trail experiences that will provide you with opportunities for wildlife viewing, photography, or a picnic lunch where few others are to be found. 


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