Riding Mountain offers a mirror to our daily actions


Shadows and ice melt - Clear Lake, Riding Mountain National Park

Shadows and ice melt Clear Lake, Riding Mountain National Park

 Yesterday, I went down to the east end of Clear Lake.  We are coordinating a wedding for a couple from Australia and their friends and family who are coming to Manitoba for their wedding.  In fact, they are getting married in Riding Mountain National Park.  I wanted to take a couple of photos of the Wishing Well site to send them, so that they could see just how beautiful this area is.


Why do people choose places like Riding Mountain National Park to have significant life celebrations?  Here are three reasons provided by our guests..

  1. “When we asked our friends where they would like to travel, to join us in getting married, Canada was the place everyone wanted to travel to..”  So, they made their travel commitments to come to Riding Mountain and get married here, even though they have never been here before.
  2. They love the outdoors.  They will be in the Yukon, in Riding Mountain, and in Nepal by the end of this year.  Riding Mountain is sacred ground, higher ground, and there is good energy here.  Getting married in a place that is strongly connected to earth, is centred at the heart of the North American continent, and is a national park are all important reasons to celebrate life and marriage.  And, the Wishing Well is a perfect location for a wedding.
  3. They have access to the Elkhorn Resort and to Earth Rhythms in one destination, two services that are essential to their wedding, reception, and celebration with family and friends.  Elkhorn for cuisine and beverage services and a team capable of delivering these services, accommodation, a spa, conference space and hosting of the dinner and dance.  Earth Rhythms for a host of personalized services (photography, video, onsite coordination of the function, local flowers for decorations, a focus on attention to details with respect to “bringing nature into the wedding ceremony”.)

As I sat down by the Wishing Well, I made a wish

“..that we find ways to celebrate our humanity and our care for this planet by doing what we need to do, individually and collectively, to address our climate change challenges in 2009 (the year of the Copenhagen Treaty on Climate Change) with strong actions to reduce carbon emissions and our carbon footprint in each of our communities, our businesses, and in our personal daily lives.  For our children, for future weddings, and for all time.”  


Evening light of spring from the Wishing Well

Evening light of spring from the Wishing Well

Coming to places like this, to celebrate significant life moments helps us to remember our responsibilities to take care of the planet.  I am really glad to have a national park in my backyard – both to be able to experience it any given day that I want to, but also because it is like a moral value to guide me in each day.  We hope to see more events like this in Riding Mountain National Park.


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