Inspiration and Motivation – perspectives

I invited a response to the following question on Twitter and Facebook and though that I would share the responses that I received.  I asked if anyone would like to share the difference between motivating others and inspiring others?  Are both possible?  And, is it possible to motivate others?

Here are some of the responses I received…

From Carolyn in Minnesota.“I think motivating is an intentional act from the doer where inspiring is done from the person observing.  I think that cheering someone on over their fears can be done.”

From Ryan Brook at The University of Calgary..”You could motivate me to clean your garage for lots of money, but you could never inspire me to do it with just money.”

From Irene Howell in Newfoundland…“Once people are inspired I think that will motivate them – if they have any life in them at all!!”

Part of the reason that I asked this question is to better understand my role as a facilitator, presentor, speaker and workshop leader within a community economic development context.  My perspective has been that I cannot motivate others, but I can and wish to inspire them.  Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback!  They are inspirational for me!


One thought on “Inspiration and Motivation – perspectives

  1. Interesting question. I guess I always thought motivation correlated more directly to action. You can motivate someone into action. Where inspiration was more spiritually based. You touched their soul. Therefore, they may be motivated to act. Just my thoughts…Linda Long

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