Natural Horsemanship – Training for Courage workshop in Erickson, Sept. 18 – 20


Heather Howdle, from Erickson, Manitoba forwarded information about a very unique workshop that will be taking place this September 18 – 20, 2009 during the same time as our Sonics & Sojourns Festival of Learning and Music.  A Natural Horsemanship three-day workshop, dubbed Training for Courage with Paul Dufresne will occur at the Erickson Arena and Fairgrounds.   Heather says, ” It’s very exciting as it will promote a harmonious relationship with your horse and allow you to work with the horse and teach the horse without using fear or force.”

For a POSTER providing information about this unique three-day clinic CLICK HERE, or

To register for either the Thursday evening demo or the clinic, please contact Heather Howdle at or email Heather

Learn techniques to improve the partnership between you and your horse, and promote a relaxed and willing attitude, confidence in both horse and rider, and the keys to achieving collection, lightness, and impulsion. Develop an exceptional relationship with your horse.

Listen to this  radio interview with Paul Dufresne, in which he gives an insight into his approach to his unique style of horsemanship training.


One thought on “Natural Horsemanship – Training for Courage workshop in Erickson, Sept. 18 – 20

  1. The reason for that is because lead ropes don’t lead horses or control horses. You’re in trouble right from the start if you expect a little bitty rope or even a rope with some kind of chain at the business end, to control a horse. You have to lead a communication system that clearly tells the horse you are the lead mare he can trust and that clearly tells him the speed, the direction, and the shape you want the horse to move.

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