Sometimes, it’s just being there..

Yesterday, we left at about 6:00 AM, Stephanie Lisoway, an enterprising young writer with the Neepawa Banner in Neepawa, Manitoba. (Neepawa is the birth-place of Margaret Laurence, the well-known Canadian writer).  Stephanie contacted me some weeks back, asking if she could head out for a morning of wildlife viewing and a short photo safari.  She felt that the 13,000 readers of the Neepawa Banner would like to know what we do, as an outdoor learning adventure company.

We had a great morning.  I am grateful to be able to live beside a national park, where I can be reminded of the bio-diversity of life, where the water that comes out of the national park is rich with invertebrates, and where wild nature re-connects me each day to the why I enjoy inspiring and putting visitors in touch with the beauty of our planet.  She has kindly provided us with a downloadable pdf link of the article – Hidden Gem In Our Own Backyard– that she wrote.  Thank you Stephanie!

The video below gives you some short insights into a few memorable moments of wildlife that we encountered during our morning photo safari into Riding Mountain National Park.  A lost gosling, a white-tailed deer buck feeding, whose antlers were in velvet, young bison calves, some beautiful footage of our bird of Manitoba – the great gray owl, and a gray catbird singing its heart out…be patient; it will take a few seconds to load, as it is saved for high speed broadband viewing.


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