Matt Epp mellow and full of feeling at Poor Michaels

While Independence Day was being celebrated in the US, Onanole residents were treated to a double concert evening hosted by Poor Michael’s BookshopThe Concert on the Patio Series.  The 1st half featured Michelle Bouchard (Cellist) and Crystal Tait (bassist) performing Mozart and Bach pieces as a cool breeze from a rain cloud just missed us.  As the sun returned, Manitoba singer/songwriter Matt Epp picked up his well-traveled guitar and took us on a journey through his poetic songs.  From This Old House to Orphan Horse, we were treated to moments of quiet reflection to two songs in which Matt encouraged everyone to sing along.  Matt personally introduces us to this video montage from his concert, from July 4th in Onanole, Manitoba.

Matt’s music and performances can be seen in a number of places.  I like this one on YouTube, of Matt performing a Dan Frechette number, Sweet Little Things with Matt’s band.


One thought on “Matt Epp mellow and full of feeling at Poor Michaels

  1. Great little vid of Matt, good sound and photo quality.
    I agree that Poor Michaels is keeping live music alive and well in Onanole. He will soon need a larger stage and seating area as the interest takes off with such high quality music and entertainers.

    Thanks Celes, good job.


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