Clear Lake Golf Course environmental management approach praised

August 22, 2009  – Great article in the Brandon Sun about the responsible environmental management approach at the Clear Lake Golf Course, in Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba.  Canada.  Read the article here.

In a really good tribute to triple bottom line accounting, the Clear Lake Golf Course is demonstrating that environmental leadership, profitability, and social responsibility work together as a sound business management practice.  There are lots of nay-sayers out there who keep saying that “green jobs” or the new green economy or a strong government policy framework that reduces carbon emissions will cost our economy.  I don’t believe it, not for a moment.  As with any shifts in business management or economic frameworks, it involves sound research, a commitment to sound business principles, and a systematic approach based on underlying principles or core values that are about care for our planet.

Clivus Compost toilet at Clear Lake Golf Course

Clivus Compost toilet at Clear Lake Golf Course

The Clear Lake Golf Course, because of a strong commitment from Parks Canada management over 16 years ago, in which Riding Mountain National Park required the bids for the 25-year management of the Clear Lake Golf Course to include an operational plan for environmentally sound management, shifted things.  Instead of “business as usual”, the golf course had to demonstrate major improvements in management of water, chemicals, turf management as well as being fiscally sound and turning a good profit that was in the interests of golfers, the management company of the golf course, and Parks Canada as the lessor.

The management team including Ian and Lydia Sarna and recent Manitoba Eco-Network award winning golf course superintendent Greg Holden have done all of that and much more. So have many of their other team members in the kitchen, the restaurant, the grounds operation, the bio-diesel, and in the pro shop.  Our hats off to this team.

Read this excellent two-page spread by Joanne Villeneuve, in the Brandon Sun that profiles all of the many environmentally responsible tactics that are being used on the Clear Lake Golf Course.  This course is a demonstration to the rest of the world of how golf courses should be operated, in my view.  As a long-time golfer, environmentalist, and business owner, I am proud to have this golf course in my backyard.  Earth Rhythms regularly features Greg Holden in our customized group programs.


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