Why 350ppm CO2 is the target figure

350-org-bill-mckibben-nasa-scientist-james-hansen-ppm-parts-per-million-atmospheric-c02-global-campaign-multiligual-middlebury-college-environmental-studies-scholarIn a recent article on Planet Green online (which is one of the best online resources for planet-friendly food, health, fashion, transportation, travel and work solutions) noted author and Bill McKibben noted during Earth Month, top scientist James Hansen and his NASA team have stated that anything above 350 parts per million “is not compatible with the planet ‘on which civilization developed and to which life is adapted.'”

In other words, we need to be under that number, or else. Right now, we’re well above it at 387 parts per million, and that’s a problem.

It’s worth reading this short article about why 350 is the number that will save the planet. I hope that you will read it.  Short and to the point.


See this short video which is informative and a good communication tool about the 350ppm target.


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