Clear Lake Golf Course (Onanole, Manitoba) is national finalist in Tourism Industry Awards

Clear Lake Golf Course - No 17 Green - a signature golf experience

Clear Lake Golf Course - No 17 Green - a signature golf experience

There is a buzz happening in Onanole, on the heels of the recently completed Sonics and Sojourns Festival of Learning and Music.  We have just learned that the team at the Clear Lake Golf Course (in Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba) is short-listed as one of three finalists for the Parks Canada-sponsored Sustainable Tourism Award in the annual Tourism Industry of Canada’s national tourism awards.  This is a big deal!

The Clear Lake Golf Course is already a Canadian and world leader in operating with a new model of business savvy in a carbon-constrained world.   Their 16 year operation of the Clear Lake Golf Course includes one of Canada’s finest examples of green golf course management, a restaurant featuring local foods, a waste vegetable oil recycling and bio-diesel program, and investments that they have provided to support our community’s Onanole Community Centre.

This is what is meant by Triple Bottom Line accounting – when a business is profitable over the long term, environmentally accountable throughout its operations, and socially responsible through its human resource operations and support of local community. A great example of a sustainable business.

Great job Clear Lake Golf Course team !  Which includes leaders like Greg Holden, Ian and Lydia Sarna, Scott Shelbourne, and Ilse Mohn and many others who annually provide great service, welcome visitors each year, or carefully apply garlic extracts or tea tree oil on the golf course.   We are proud of you!


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