David Bradstreet at Home Routes house concert in Onanole

It is wonderful when you can be completely surprised by artists whom you know very little about. And, so it was with David Bradstreet. His great songwriting, genuine love of music and songcrafting, and his professionalism were a delight to experience. Yet another Home Routes House Concert.

David also did a pretty nifty interview with Celes Davar, on the morning after the house concert.  He performs a couple of additional short riffs and gives a really great insight into a wonderful person, musician, and songwriter by performing an “as yet” unfinished song.  Have a listen to this delightful………….


3 thoughts on “David Bradstreet at Home Routes house concert in Onanole

      • David sent along the link as we had been talking about you recording the concert. I would love to come out to Onanole and see your place and find out about all that you do there. I am planning to explore your website/blog further. I teach geography/canadian issues have worked as a park naturalist in Newfoundland.

        while there it would be terrific to take in one of your concerts!

        The whole home routes series has been amazing, meeting other presenters is the next step!


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