Will our Prime Minister please go to Copenhagen in December?

Today, I viewed a straight-forward message from the children to President Obama telling him to lead the US at the UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen in December.  I would like to send a similar message to our Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The most important reasons for Canada to participate in the UN Climate Talks is to demonstrate our capacity for leadership, action, contribution financially, and commitment as a developed country (that has one of the highest per capita emissions of greenhouse gases in the world)  and share a commitment to reducing CO2 emissions to 350ppm and dropping global temperatures by 2º Celsius.

Will our grand-children say…”Sorry, our prime minister was too busy making a political announcement at another Tim Horton’s donut shop to give a damn about climate change?”  Come on Mr. Prime Minister, listen to what the American kids are saying to their President.

What will you say to your children and grand-children about how instrumental you were in “making a difference” as a Canadian leader to reducing our emissions and global temperature in December of 2009 when over 190 countries in the world will make agreements about how we act together to solve this problem.   This is not about individual beliefs; it’s about global partnership and unity in the face of the most important economic and environmental issue our planet has ever faced.


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