Pictures say a thousand words

Pictures do say a thousand words – The Himalayan Glaciers are melting – this spells trouble for millions of people. See this image, which compares a 1921 image of the Himalayan Mountains showing Mount Everest to a 2009 image. The changes are startling. Feeder glaciers have disappeared. Loss of 340 0 400 vertical feet of ice mass is shown. The increased heat absorbing surfaces of exposed rock is easy to see.

Images cut through rhetoric. We need the leadership of world leaders at Copenhagen to make the commitments to:

  1. Reduce CO2 emissions (Which means Canada has to agree to cut its carbon emissions, and right now, Canada is trying to make this contingent on other developing countries setting ambitious targets. This is nonsense. Playing political games with our planet is not what we have elected our politicians to do. They are accountable to our future generations.)
  2. Limit global temperature increase to 2ÂșCelsius in developed and developing countries.
  3. Assist financially those countries that need assistance to deal with climate change mitigation and adaptation issues.
  4. Put into place an international global governance approach to manage financial resources that reflect the political realities of today.

The impacts of climate change will be widespread across the globe. In order to understand more about what the human impact of high-end climate change might be, and therefore what would happen if a successful agreement cannot be reached at Copenhagen, the UK’s Met Office Hadley Centre produced an interactive map outlining some of the impacts, based on the latest peer-reviewed science. Click on this amazing interactive map to learn more.


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