Field Guide For Change Agents

Now, this is what I am talking about – actions that lead by example.  I just recently saw a Tweet by Rodd Lucier (@thecleversheep) that was remarkable.  He has just taken part in an educator’s conference in Pennsylvania this past weekend.  Together, participants created and posted a field guide online using Slideshare (which means that they created a PowerPoint presentation and simply posted it, licencing it as an Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike 3.0 document under The Creative Commons).

It is a great example of how the online world can help us to act rather than meet or plan; collaborate rather than work individually when “the collaborative” has results much greater and more powerful than the individual; and share what we know and produce freely in the world for others to use, adapt or build upon.  WOW!

In my view, there are some really important principles illustrated in this short slide show that we can implement in our day-to-day actions for when we are attempting to work with others.  Great job Rodd et al!  Thanks for sharing.


One thought on “Field Guide For Change Agents

  1. Hi Celes,

    I finally got around to checking out your WordPress blog, and will definitely have to take your advice to do the same for what’s new at two farm kids.

    The Change slideshow is great. It brings back memories from my high school teaching days when I used to share my successful lesson plans with other staff and get the comment from the senior teachers that they loved it when young teachers shared as it made them review all their tired routines and gave them fresh life.

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