Fisher investigates bird feeder

A neighbour – Venton Beatty – from north and east of Erickson, Manitoba recently sent me some photos of a fisher (a member of the weasel family) investigating his bird feeder early this spring.

Fisher climbs poplar

Fisher climbs poplar to get seed from feeder

Fishers are increasingly common in the Riding Mountain National Park area. We have heard about several recent observations including a fisher that boldly came out of the aspen forests and snatched a sleeping elderly cat from its perch on the house deck. Neither the cat nor the fisher live to tell the, that’s another story!

In communication with Venton, he said ” we noticed it around noon on Friday, March 26 – it seemed to be mainly relaxing and looking around. And spent some time eating sunflower seeds. It stayed for about 20 – 30 minutes…”

As you can tell, it is a tree climber, and is a large cousin to the pine marten. Males are 90 – 120 cm in length (35 – 47 inches). A large, small mammal. They are omnivores and generalists, as this Fisher Wikipedia post will detail.

Thanks Venton, for passing on these images.

Fisher_riding mountain national park

Fisher on top of winter bird feeder

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