Spring migrants arrive

Today, my wife and I were out for our daily walk just south of Riding Mountain National Park. Nine Sandhill cranes were calling overhead as they floated on a thermal and a beautiful turkey vulture (our first of this season) tilted in just over the aspens.

Purple finches, dark-eyed juncos and siskens are taking advantage of the last seed at the feeders.

Purple Finch male eating seed

Male purple finch eats seed – arrives in Manitoba April 2010

I video-taped a strikingly handsome (Click on the the link for details about its range, behaviour and its beautiful spring callFox Sparrow feeding on the ground. You will hear primarily evening grosbeaks and pine siskens and the chittering of dark eyed juncos in this video. At the end of the short video, I slowed down the tape so that you can see the fox sparrow as it takes off.


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