Bergamots and Nodding Onions ablaze

Fire in natural systems is a renewal agent. It’s like having a glass of fresh carrot, beet, ginger and spinach juice. Nutrients are released. The grasslands of Riding Mountain National Park are being carefully restored through the use of fire as an agent of renewal. One of the best places to experience this rejuvenation right now are the Lake Audy grasslands.


Yesterday, as I traveled through the Lake Audy grasslands, getting ready for a family group who will be biking with me next week, I took a few photos of the burst of bergamots, nodding wild onion, and brown-eyed susans that are the more brilliantly coloured representatives that have burst out from this spring’s prescribed burn.

I feel awed when in the presence of this “nature bloom”.  It’s like being up in the Yukon where fireweed glows across hundreds of acres of burned lands. Or, perhaps in Namibia where spring rains bring out the wildflowers. While this bloom is on a smaller scale, it is nevertheless awe-inspring. Perhaps, not the least, because this beautiful shade of bergamot pink is one of my photographing colours. I have been photographing the Riding Mountain area for over 30 years. We provide photo safaris in 4-seasons for travelers to learn to use their digital “point and shoots”, or for seasoned photographers to discover unique locations to photograph nature and wildlife.

Call Celes at Earth Rhythms for a tailor made photo safari at 1.888.301.0030 or email him at celes.davar at

Please take a moment to see the five slides below advance automatically as a slideshow, and revel in the colour pink from the fescue prairies.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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