Garbage dumps are an archaeologist’s chocolate

Garbage dumps are an archaeologist’s chocolate“. With those words, Adrian Myers, PhD Candidate, with the Department of Anthropology & Stanford Archaeology Centre, Stanford University, gave me and insight to his sense of humour in the midst of a hectic and intense summer field season.

Along with a number of other colleagues that forms part of his team, they are mapping, excavating and discovering the archaeological history of the Whitewater Lake prisoner of war camp which existed between 1943-45. Adrian brings a passion for his work, a great sense of humour, and a good understanding of a research methods approach for this kind of research.

Earth Rhythms has been taking groups out to explore Whitewater Lake’s nature and history for over 15 years. It is great to add this archaeological chapter to the story of Whitewater Lake. Thanks to Parks Canada’s support of this research initiative, this story is coming to light in many ways. Our program – Wheels to ’43 – offers a great glimpse into the character of Riding Mountain’s backcountry as well as the spirits of years passed. Using unique interactive methods, this “backcountry experience” becomes fun and informative.

If you are interested in more information about this project, you can find out more at the Whitewater Archaeology Project blog site. Please note that this is a research site, and as such it is a location for learning and research. It is illegal to remove any artifacts from the site.

I enjoyed the bike trip in, realizing what poor physical shape I was in. The next few times will be much better. Please contact Earth Rhythms at or call 1.888.301.0030 if you are interested in a customized (tailor made) trip to learn about the wildlife, history and archaeology of this unique location.


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