Young bull moose in testy mood

I remember the sage advice of John Shaw, a very good American photographer, from many years ago when a group of us attended a workshop about the business of nature photography. He was talking about the time investment that it takes to get good images.Young bull moose ©Celes Davar, Riding Mountain National Park “There is no use in not being there,” he reflected. Basically, he was encouraging us to be out there, following thunderstorms, walking, hiking, and being present. And, he cautioned us not to go out in search of specific shots, but to be present, and shoot the things that emerged by being present. It often makes for better photography. It was good advice, and continues to be good advice.

Yesterday, while hiking with travel writers from Germany, we witnessed an event that probably takes place all over the park in various locations each fall. But, rarely do we become witnesses to it.

A young bull moose eyed a small national park garbage container. Deliberately and repeatedly, this youngster attacked the container, waiting for a response. The whole sequence was interesting, funny, and informative. In viewing it a few times, I see how this young bull moose was testing its strength, learning the head motions with its antlers, testing its stance and how to leverage its strength, and getting used to what the appendages on its head were capable of doing. His behaviour was curious, exploratory, and demonstrated learning through repetition. Some things are quite universal in nature. Enjoy!


One thought on “Young bull moose in testy mood

  1. It’s like he’s practicing to get ready for his first Rut.
    Sort of like going to the practice tee or the putting green before hitting the links.
    I get the sense he’s testing himself so he’ll be ready with time comes to tangle with another bull.

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