Dusk to moonlight visits enhance the senses of the season

Most of the time we plan our travel outdoors to be between morning and late afternoon. But, what if we travelled outside those hours – say, for example as dusk morphs into darkness under an almost full moon.

At Riding Mountain National Park, September and October is a great time of year for experiencing bison, elk, and moose. They are in the rut (reproductive season). They are highly vocal using all kinds of calls, grunts, below and bugles that are only heard at this time of the year.

With a knowledgeable guide from Earth Rhythms, you can learn to identify the sounds of the forest animals, study tracks, learn about the ecology of prairies and aspen forests, and safely understand and experience wildlife outdoors in the dark.

Here are a few images from September 2016, of the landscape, prairies, bison and moonlight from the park. Most of these involve long time exposures of 2 – 20 seconds.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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