Celes Davar

Photo by @Cate Watrous

Hello…my name is Celes Davar.  Welcome to Experience Riding Mountain.  I am in the midst of half a century of experiencing life.  As President of Earth Rhythms, Inc.  I have found that my passion for “the experience of life” is best found through experiencing travel.  My wife and I live on the southern edge of Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, Canada where we operate our experiential tourism company Earth Rhythms  in collaboration with many regional partners, experience providers, and guides.  

We create small group programs that are customized, experiential, and educational.  By collaborating with other unique people within our regional landscape, we are able to offer distinctive programs in all seasons that are simply unlike anything else in Canada.

I have wanted to share the national parks and local cultural stories of some amazing people that we partner with, our passion for nature, culture, wilderness, conservation issues, and my photography of the area for years.  I look forward to sharing these stories here at Experience Riding Mountain.  The stories focus on science, art, nature, culture, cuisine, the impacts of climate change, and shining a light on unique things that I believe that travellers might enjoy about coming here.

We live in times that are governed by deep splits in individual beliefs, ethos, partisan politics, and yet ignoring (at our peril) a planet that is shuddering with the effects of global warming. Globally, indigenous and local cultures and their community traditions are experiencing change at the speed of lightning.  Within this context, I find solace in the Riding Mountains where I can go walking, snowshoeing, photographing, or sharing stories with our guests as their guide and host.  I am, however, inspired about the opportunities to bridge the world of business with the care for the planet – In my case, Tourism as a Business that benefits local people and the planet.

I seek to inspire, to engage, to transform through stories, visual images, and authentic experiences with unique people, places, and activities, I look forward to sharing Riding Mountain’s uniqueness through this blog, and through our many year-round experiences.