Valdy House Concert Video

I’ve posted the live Valdy Home Routes House Concert in two segments. Shot in HD video, this house concert in Onanole, Manitoba was sold out, with many folks going down memory lane. Valdy was a part of our growing up, our many years at the Winnipeg Folk Festival’s kid’s stage with our children, and he continues to perform almost 200 live concerts a year.

As you will see in Valdy House Concert – Part 1 and Valdy House Concert – Part 2, the evening was full of new and old songs, audience participation, and lots of great laughter. He is a Canadian treasure and as a fellow folkie on the house concert circuit suggested recently, he should be nominated for an Order of Canada. I agree!

Here is Part  1 of the house concert, to tease you..Enjoy!


Valdy-A smile, many songs, and a whole lotta wisdom

Valdy Home Routes House Concert, Onanole, ManitobaValdy skated into Onanole, stayed a night, delighted 48 odd fans, went for a walk, and blew out the next morning to Ashern, where 58 fans were delighted.  As Tim Cameron, the Ashern Host on this Home Routes House Concert Yellow circuit shared with me recently, “this man should get the Order of Canada“. I agree.

When we sat down over our morning coffee before he departed for Ashern, Valdy had a few really neat things to share…He speaks of his red shoes, continuity, and traditions and why “top down” won’t work. He has, through his travels, seen the seasons changing, lands changing under human hands, and honestly addresses some of our collective deficiencies in ways that are thoughtful and full of caring. He gives us his many years of experiences as a performer, and as a craftsman … Music has power in the hands of such a man.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with our Canadian bard.

Rarely do you find a troubadour whose songwriting skills, mastery of the political sphere, sheer talent in musicality, and self-effacing manner come together into songs that you can’t help singing.

For almost two hours, we sang, laughed, and were treated to songs that took us into the heart of the most human of situations – from “That’s An Odd Way to Do Things” about the police working east side Vancouver to help the down-trodden, to his classic “Yes I Can”, or the delightful tribute to the very ordinary people on our planet “Stars”, this man can tell stories like very few others. In doing so, you feel like you are a canoe that’s being portaged…somewhat handled, definitely not dropped, and moving through a country-side that is full of quintessential Canada.

Folk history with Cara Luft

It is one thing to entertain. It is another to educate. But, when a good songwriter and musician bring a sharp focus to both entertain and educate, you are in for a treat. Cara Luft did just that last night at her Home Routes House Concert in Onanole, Manitoba. Having been raised in a home in Calgary, where folk-singing was part of the family repertoire, Cara was exposed to traditional British folk-songs, the songs of family friend James Keelaghan (who has since moved to Winnipeg, and won Juno), and many other styles and genres of music. Her guitar playing and songwriting started at an early age.

Cara Luft Performs at Home Routes House Concert in Onanole

Just before Cara left for Ashern, Manitoba, another stop on her Home Routes house circuit this November (2009), I asked Cara to respond to a few questions about her artistic performance last night with about 35 people present for a Friday night in Onanole. I am sure that you’ll be delighted with some of her reflections in her interview below.  Enjoy!

Tom Wilson pushes March Lions away with song-writing presence

Tom Wilson performs at Home Routes House Concert in Onanole      Tom Wilson performs at Home Routes House Concert in Onanole


Tom Wilson is a tall man.  He has a big voice.  His presence is large.  His song-writing is full-on.  Everything about Tom Wilson causes you to remember him.  His paintings are delightful.  Over 40 people enjoyed Tom’s humour, songs, and his music at a Home Routes House Concert that was full of  insights, great live music, and laughter.  It seemed that we went down the road of musical Canadiana, into the trials and tribulations of growing up, and in and out of personal stories from Tom’s unique perspective and insights.

Tom and Angela (his roadie who also does his website and Stephen Fearing’s website) were storm-stayed an extra day at our place.  I asked Tom for a few moments of his time to do a short podcast, before they left for Winnipeg.  He obliged.  His words are full of experience.  He sang the beautiful haunting Stoned while sitting at the dining table and left his song-writing mark….moving on to other Home Routes House Concerts in Manitoba this week, and a tour in the US with Cowboy Junkies over the next couple of weeks.  Thank you Tom!

Listen to the short podcast with him and the lovely version of Stoned:

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