The power of experience

From todays’ Winnipeg Free Press, an article by Nafeesa Syeed with the Associated Press shares the mood on the mall in Washington, D.C. and a story about the many people who have come to be part of the experience of  the inauguration of President Barack Obama, an historical event.  A small quote at the end of the article captures for me, the power of experience and why experiences are the “real stuff” of what we desire in travel today…

“World history teacher Calvin Adams of Arlington, Va., said he got up extra early so he could witness history being made first-hand and teach it to his classes. “Eventually I’ll teach American history,” said Adams, 23. “I’ll say, ‘This is how it works because I’ve been there, I’ve seen it.”‘ 

This is the power of experience, and what makes experiences authentic, memorable, and the real “take back” potential for good quality travel in which connections are made, emotions are felt, and transformation takes place.  There is something incredibly powerful about this, and it carries the weight of responsibility with it – the need for us as tourism operators to develop quality experiences that are the very best that they can be.


There’s been a greening on the hill – Washington, that is

Two powerful American singer-songwriters share their music as part of the Greening of America and the shift that we all start to be part of, as the Green Ball (January 19, 2009) kicks off the changes to how America re-powers itself and re-sets its clock of respect and integrity for people of all kinds, environmental values, and care for the planet.


I Need To Wake Up (Melissa Etheridge)

Obama Song, written and performed by Michael Franti,  after the recent American election

Michael Franti performed and electrified audiences at the 2007 and 2008 Winnipeg Folk Festival in a way that no other performer has done in over two decades.  I know, because I was there and was absolutely amazed.  Enjoy this video…this will kick off your energy buttons and leave you in a space of asking what can you do to help Planet Earth?