West End Cultural Centre Canada’s greenest music venue

Main concert venue at WECC

Main concert venue at WECC

What does that mean – Canada’s greenest music venue ?  Since when does responsible environmental policy meet the music industry in terms of venues, infrastructure and building operations?

Does this mean that the building is painted green on the outside, or that a smart approach integrating sound business management with sound environmental policy has been achieved?

Listen to the artistic director of Winnipeg’s West End Cultural Centre as he weaves a fascinating story – Dominic Lloyd Interview about this west end cultural facility and its connection to community, its restoration as a viable and relevant community performing arts venue (particularly music), and the innovative use of environmentally sound management practices that have reduced its carbon footprint.  This is leading edge stuff.  Someone nominate them for an award – they are going after LEED Silver in Canada as a performing arts venue.

Small concert venue at WECC - seen through re-used glass windows

Small concert venue at WECC - seen through re-used glass windows

Thanks Dominic – I’m looking forward to hearing Harry Manx at the West End Cultural Centre on October 27.  Tickets are available through the Winnipeg Folk Festival Music Store.  You’ll notice that I said that the Harry Manx concert is through the Winnipeg Folk Festival, but the performance is at the West End Cultural Centre.   This is part of their revenue strategy.  There are two concert spaces (one large, one small)

Diseased elm processed and used as flooring in the restored West End Cultural Centre

Diseased elm processed and used as flooring in the restored West End Cultural Centre

that are available for rent for a variety of community and public events.   Creating spaces for community that are culturally relevant, smart examples of business operations, and wonderfully rich in artistic diversity.  Great to see!


No dust on these poets

We are seeing a wonderful emergence of local artists, musicians, poets, photographers, new cuisine, and other unique talents being expressed within the Riding Mountain biosphere area of southern Manitoba, Canada.

I am particularly proud to be someone who lives in the southern gateway community of Onanole, about 100km north of the Trans Canada highway, easily accessible to any cross-country traveler.  

Last night, in our Onanole Community Centre 175 people witnessed the delightful songwriting, brilliant musicianship, and warm sound mix of The Dust Poets as they formally released their new CD World at Large.  They will be playing at this year’s Winnipeg Folk Festival.  I highly recommend you take them in.  CD’s are available at Poor Michael’s Bookshop & Café, where you can get a great fair trade coffee, purchase high quality crafts, read a great book, or find a gift that you just needed to get for someone special.  

There’s no dust on these poets, who feature Karla Ferguson (accordion and keyboard), Sean McManus (drums, clarinet), Corey Tickner (mandolin), Gordon Mowat (upright bass), and songwriter anchor Murray Evans (co-owner of Poor Michael’s).   Joining them for this special CD launch was Lloyd Peterson on guitars.  Enjoy this video of their opening song at the May 30 concert at the Onanole Community Centre!  

We’ll be posting the whole evening concert on Vimeo soon.  So, stay tuned!  Be patient, as it will take a few seconds for this to upload.  We tried to make it at a big enough size so that you could see the performers really well.

View Dust Poets engaging local audience in Onanole from Celes Davar on Vimeo.